This Ain’t Granny’s Apron

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Does anyone, besides me, remember their grandmother wearing an apron while working in the kitchen. Mine did and I cannot look at an apron without fondly thinking of her. I never really appreciated the value of an apron until I began my baking and cake decorating career. I couldn’t tell you how many shirts I have ruined with food coloring and shortening stains. It had gotten to the point I was continually buy new shirts until I decided to start wearing an apron.

Aprons of he Past

Immediately you thought of that homely looking apron your grandmother wore, didn’t you? Well times have changed sister! Aprons are not only necessary for protecting what clothes you have left (I’m assuming as a cake decorator you’ve had the same experiences I’ve had with food coloring and shortening) but they can be a statement to your customers that says, “I am a professional” while making you look fabulous!

These are my favorite modern aprons!

They are very stylish. One thing for sure……this ain’t Granny’s apron!

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