How to Make a Jeep Cake

I always enjoy learning new cake designs. This 3D cake is actually a first for me so I wanted to take some pictures along the way to share how it goes.


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Here’s what I used:

3/4″ plywood (large enough for cake board and cake base

brown wrapping paper for covering cake base

contact paper

1″ thick dowel rod

8 wood screws


stick glue

cardboard cake board

Three 1/4 sheet cakes

buttercream icing


The first thing I did was print out a template of the side, front, top and back view of the Jeep the exact size I wanted the cake to be. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the template before I started, by the time I remembered it was covered in cake crumbs and icing, OOOPS!)

Using the top view as a guide my husband cut out a piece of 3/4″ plywood for the cake to sit on. Then he cut an 18 x 24 inch piece of 3/4″ plywood to use as the base for the cake. (Glad the hubby was home because I don’t do power tools.) We also measured the space from the bottom of the truck to the bottom of the tires to know how long to cut the dowel pieces that would make the truck sit up off the base.

My next step was to prepare my boards. Making sure that it was all clean, I covered the entire surface of the board with stick glue. Then unrolled the brown wrapping paper and starting on one end attached it to the board. I smoothed with a scraper as I unrolled to prevent creases and bubbles. Once the paper was attached I used my xacto knife to trim the edges. I also checked my corners to make sure they were glued securely.

I covered the paper with self adhesive clear contact vinyl to act as a protective barrier between cake and paper. Using the xacto knife I trimmed the edges.


Next step was to screw the dowel pieces to the cut-out. We then placed the cut-put with the dowels face up on the counter and placed the cake base on top. It will be a little tricky at this point but try to get the cut-out centered underneath your base board with the covered side of the board facing down toward the cutout. I just looked between the boards and lined up the screws to attach the boards together. Then flipped it right side up. I know that sounds complicated, I just can’t think of an easer way to describe it.

DO NOT put the cake directly on the plywood. I used a corrugated cake board and cut it with the exact shape of the cut-out board and placed the cake on it. This also allows you to sit the cake in fridge to chill.  When your ready to set the cake onto your plywood, smearing icing on the plywood will help prevent slipping.


Using the 1/4 sheet cakes, I layered the back part of the car 3 layers high and the front half 2 layers high. There’s no right or wrong way of doing this, Just cut and stack them so when you hold the side view of the jeep template up to the cakes it is enough cake to trim down to size.

Note*** Cake will be easier to trim if kept chilled.

After trimming cakes to the right shape, cover cake with icing and chill for 20 minutes before covering with fondant.


I covered  the cake with the main color of fondant first then went back with black for the windows, top, and bumpers. Using fondant tools I scored the details for the doors, windows, and hood.

Using a candy melting pot I melted 24 oz. of chocolate almond bark and brushed it on the dowel supports and underneath the cake first. Then, working in one area at a time where the tires would go I covered the board and rolled the tires in the chocolate to give the ‘muddy look’. With a little chocolate on the back of the tires and fenders they stuck firmly right to the cake.


*Note*  I made the tires and fenders out of fondant three days in advance to allow them to dry enough to hold their shape when I stood them upright on the cake.


Using a wooden spoon and a paint brush, I put chocolate around the bottom of the cake and a little up the sides to give the appearance that a little mud riding had taken place.

Using a hot glue gun, ribbon was added around the edge of plywood base.


This cake can stand on its own (literally) or it can be paired with a wedding cake for a whimsical look.


This is my first Jeep cake and I had lots of fun making it but as with any design, I’m sure it will get better with practice.  I was inspired by Verusca Walker to create this cake. I am a big fan of her work. If you haven’t viewed her video tutorials you should check them out on YouTube.

I would love to see your pictures in the comments if you have tried this or similar designs.

If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below and I will gladly answer.

Cake on!


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