Using Live Flowers for Cake Decorating

buttercream cake with live flowers

Using live flowers is a beautiful way to decorate a cake. The fact that flowers come in a huge variety of colors and shapes means the possibilities are endless.

What You Will Need:

iced cake
beautiful non-poisonous flowers
wax coated floral tape

How I Add Flowers to Cake

It only takes a few tools to prepare the flowers for the cake. First cut the stems to the length desired. Take a toothpick and insert the end about  1/4″ into the stem. Using floral tape (best to use the tape with a wax coating), wrap tightly around the stem and toothpick to join the two. Insert toothpick into cake. The green floral tape will blend in with the greenery.

This method makes working with flowers on the cake much easier and they go in and come out a lot cleaner.

Be sure to only use organic and non-toxic flowers.


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