Pull-Apart Cakes

I was asked to do my first pull-apart cake.  It was a fun and easy design. My only regret is that customer only wanted buttercream icing (find recipe here).  While I love the taste of buttercream, fondant is my favorite decorating medium. I just love the clean and smooth look of fondant.

Princess Poppy was the theme. I used a 10″ round single layer for the face. Two cupcakes made the ears and 27 cupcakes were used for the hair.

cake and cupcakes

After preparing the board, I laid out the cakes in the pattern needed. I piped a doughnut shaped circle of icing on the bottom of the cake and each individual cupcake to keep them from sliding around on the board. I covered the 10″ with icing and piped the darker pink for the hair.  I then piped icing between cupcakes in the empty spaces to fill them in. The next step was to outline the hair area and fill it in.

Using marshmallow fondant I constructed the eyes, mouth, nose, and flowers to complete the cake.

Pull-apart Princess Poppy cake.
Pull-apart Princess Poppy cake.


This is a great project for beginners.

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