Cakes for the Groom

Harley-Davidson Groom's Cake Display
Harley-Davidson Groom’s Cake Display

I just love doing custom groom’s cakes!

Harley-Davidson Groom's Cake
Harley-Davidson Groom’s Cake

Traditionally, the groom’s cake is a gift from the bride to the groom that reflects his personality and interests in his favorite cake flavor. This tradition originated in Victorian England, but is observed more in the southern states.

Muddy Jeep Groom's Cake
Muddy Jeep Groom’s Cake

I think it is an awesome idea to have a delicious cake dedicated the man the bride plans to spend her life with. There is so much attention placed on the bride, why not have that cake that shows the groom’s personality and let a little attention shine his way.

Golf Themed Groom's Cake
Golf Themed Groom’s Cake

The most popular flavors I am asked to do for the groom are chocolate and carrot cake. The design elements have been all over the place from motorcycles to golf to football.

Transfer Truck cake
Transfer Truck Cake

Revealing someones personality with cake is lots of fun. I can’t wait to do my next groom’s cake.

Cake On!



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