Alabama Houndstooth Cake

Houndstooth Alabama Cake
Houndstooth Alabama Cake

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Roll Tide!

Football season is in full swing and anyone who knows anything about college football will recognize the team behind the houndstooth.

We may be a little football crazy in the states and even more so in the south and football themed cakes are one my favorites.

I was asked to make an Alabama themed cake for a birthday. I decided to use  houndstooth edible icing image. This product looked great on my fondant but as a warning there is no room for error. Once applied you will not be able to make adjustments so make sure you place it where you want it to go. I have not used this particular product on frosting so I have no information to share as far as frosting goes.

If you have any tips for using this product please share in the comments.

Roll Tide!

Cake On!



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