Unicorn Cake

Unicorn themed cake design
Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Cake……..

Here’s a quick share of a unicorn cake I was asked to make.

I had reservations about the horn and rightly so. It was easy to make but needed extra time for firming up.

Unicorn cake design
Unicorn Cake

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Here are a few tips I learned making this cake……

Tip #1: If your planning on making this design, be sure you make the horn days….and I do mean days………in advance! It is a fairly thick piece and it needs plenty of time to firm up. You could add gumpaste to speed up the process but I never do. I don’t like the taste of gumpaste so I don’t want to offer it to my customers if there is a chance they will want to eat it.

Tip #2: To get the gold look for the horn and ears I used Americolor Gold Sheen edible paint .  This light-reflective paint gave it a metallic look. Very pretty and goes such a long way.

Hope to see your own unicorn cakes in the comments! Feel free to share away!

Cake On!



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